Our paintball field is a modern, large paintball area set up with a mix of man-made objects. The way the field is set up allows players to utilize objects and elements found in real world. Objects and elements include ruins, abandoned cars, walls, barrels and various hiding places. Also, the paintball field is surrounded by netting, letting spectators feel like they are in the game. Simply put, this paintball field is the best around. 


Paintball field rules

  • Ages 10 & up welcome.
  • All participants must have a signed waiver.
    • Download permament waiver form. waiver
    • Download temporary waiver form. waiver
  • Under 18 needs a parent signature.
  • Entry - $15.00 all day.


 Target range rules

  • Ages 8 and up.
  • Parental supervision required.
  • All participants must have a signed waiver.
  • Free rental equipment with the purchase of paint.



Paintball Prices

  • 100 paintballs - $5.00
  • 140 paintballs - $7.00
  • 500 paintballs - $20.00
  • 1000 paintballs - $35.00
  • 1500 paintballs - $55.00
  • 2000 paintballs - $60.00



  • $25.00 - Includes all-day field entry, air and equipment (gun, mask, high-pressure air tank, hopper, and barrel sock.)
  • Individual Rental is also available.
  • Jumpsuits are available for an additional cost.


Compressed Air Fills

  • 3000 high - $4.00
  • 4500 high - $5.00

 Note: *Any person damaging any Fun Times Square rental equipment, gun, or property will be held responsible.



  • Must have reservations thru the months of October - March
  • Reservations must be made 7 days in advance along with 25% deposit.
  • We use compressed air ONLY. There are no C02 refills. 

Special Friday!

Hourly Rates

Every Friday - $35.00 - Entry includes air, equipment, and bring your own paint.


($10 off if you bring your own equipment) 

  • $5.00 - 100 paintballs
  • $7.00 - 140 paintballs
  • $15.00 - 500 paintballs.
  • $40.00 - 2000 paintballs.

Note: *Draxxus White Box (white fill)

Play for 1 hour
- Rental and Admission included
- 140 Paintballs

$20.00 per person

Play for 2 hours
- Rental and Admission included
- 300 Paintballs

$30.00 per person

Play for 3 hours
- Rental and Admission included
- 500 Paintballs

$40.00 per person


Case of 2000 paintballs

All day air

All day field entry


* Add Equipment Rental for only $10


Work on your golf skills by challenging your friends to a game of Miniature Golf on our 18-hole miniature golf course. Each hole on our beautifully landscaped course tests your ability - and your patience! It's great fun for a whole family too!


  • 10 & Under - $5.00
  • Over 10 - $6.00

Race around our exhilarating go-kart track. Enjoy side-by-side racing on our long stretches and wide curves, and test your behind-the-wheel skills!

Check out the track here!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6QgwpqAemXg&feature=related


Must be 10 years old and 54".


  • 4 & under ride free with an adult
  • 5 min - $6.00

Now the younger drivers-at-heart can get behind the wheel! Kiddie Karts are safe racing go karts for kids 5-9 years old.


  • 5 min - $5.00


The batting cages give you and your friends the chance to feel like Major League hitters as you swing for the stars. Choose baseballs or softballs pitched at varying rates of speed.


  • 15 pitches - $1.00
  • Bats are available to rent with no charge.

There is nothing like a cosmic ride on a space train! Sit and enjoy a relaxing ride around the moon. Suitable for kids of all ages.


  • 5 min- $4.00

The huge arcade awaits players of all ages and skill levels by offering a variety of competitive, interactive video games & flippers.



Hungry? Funtime Square has a great Snack Shop with Pizza, Hot Dogs, Chips, and more. Wash it down with an ice cold Coca-Cola. When it's really hot outside, try our selection of cold drinks.The Snack Shop offers comfortable seating at picnic table under a beautiful gazebo for those hot, sunny days. Located in the middle of the park, where parents can keep an eye on the little ones.